Eligibility Requirements

2017 N.L.E.Y. Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

    1. Candidate for the N.L.E.Y. Scholarship must be a SC, NC, GA, or International residents.
    2. Candidate must be a  2017 High School Senior with acceptance from a 4-year College or University or a college Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior.
    3. Candidate must submit a copy of their College Acceptance Letter Or letter of intent (High school Seniors).
    4. Candidate must submit a copy of their high school or college transcript (with the cumulative GPA average) along with the scholarship application.
    5. Candidate must submit an Academic Resume and a passport picture (to include volunteer work, club associations and employment history).
    6. Candidate must submit two Letters of Recommendation (letters must be from a Teacher, Employer or Professional with an organization in which the candidate is a member)
    7. Candidate must submit a 1000 word essay in their OWN words using the topic:
      Nicholas Yelverton, Founder, is a big lover of service. Serving others and your community is a great way to express love and care for all. Please share with N.L.E.Y. Scholarship Fund your personal experiences and how you will make a difference and why. Invite us into your personal journey of your volunteer experiences, your faith-based experiences, and simply your overall journey to college and how You will make and impact on your community.
    8. Candidate must submit all the above documentation along with the application packet by e-mail at on or before November 3rd, 2017. Applications submitted in any manner other than the printed packet will not be accepted.

The application process for the 2017-2018 term is open

All required documentation must be received postmarked on or before November 3rd, 2017 to be considered for an award. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit all necessary documents as soon as possible to assure a last minute delay will not preclude consideration for this scholarship.

Only those candidates selected to receive an award will be notified.

Failure of an N.L.E.Y. Scholarship Award Recipient to attend the awards gala will automatically forfeit receipt of the scholarship.


Please submit packets in person or my mail to:
“Helping to invest knowledge into the leaders of tomorrow.”
Claflin University
ATTN: N.L.E.Y Youth Scholarship
400 Magnolia St. Orangeburg, SC, 29115


June 8, 2016